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When a buyer attends an open home, they’ve most likely already checked your listing out online beforehand, and they’ve liked what they’ve seen so far. So, when they arrive, you want to keep them keen and ‘wow’ them with their potential new home. Here are some of the most important things to have on your radar when going through the open home process with your property.

1. Fix those odd jobs you’ve been meaning to get to

There are often little maintenance jobs that have been neglected over time because they just weren’t important in the grand scheme of things. Now you have the perfect excuse to get on top of these jobs. Aspects of your home to consider:

    • Make sure those light bulbs are working (and even upgrade them to LED or add a lamp to the room to brighten up the home).
    • Loose door handles, broken window locks, full gutters, or blocked drains? Hire a handyman/tradie to come smash those little annoying jobs out.
    • Loose floorboards, stained carpets and chipped tiles are all potential turn offs for your buyers. Depending on cost and severity, make sure to do what you can to make your home as buyer ready as possible.


2. Clean, organise, rinse and repeat.

Not only will cleaning and organising your home bring in buyers and offers, but this tip will also help when it comes to moving day.

    • De-clutter and de-personalise your home. Start packing up all the things you can go without through the selling process and put them into storage (your garage or hire). Make sure the potential buyers start seeing the property as their home, and not as your home. Think of your home as a blank canvas, consider removing family photos, posters, door signs & fridge magnets to help leave the buyer with their own imagination. Don’t assume your buyer will do the same thing with the space as you have.
    • Ensure the kitchen is ready to go. Appliances clean, lighting bright and storage space organised. This is often the focal point for buyers checking out an open home.
    • Even though your house will be tidy and clean each weekend an inspection rolls around, the bathrooms are a high traffic area and show off the most grub after use so keep an eye on them and make sure the grout and tiles are good to go.


3. Don’t forget that the outside of your house is generally the first

     impression of the property.

You’ll want to look at your home from the outside and take in a fresh perspective. How are the roof tiles? Windows? Have you had a termite check recently? These are just some of the things a buyer will look at as they approach the property.


    • Outside maintenance and cosmetic jobs are a priority
    • Check in on any garden beds, shrubbery, and trees. Has the weeding been completed recently? Pruned plants and mowed lawns results in a tidy landscape which can be the make or break for how a potential buyer interprets your home. Consider investing in a pressure washer to help create the final fresh look you’re searching for.

There are so many intricate aspects to consider when getting your house ‘open home’ ready. We recommend you create a list of everything you need to get done before the first open home and start working through it.

And on the day?

    • Flowers or a bowl of fruit on your tidy kitchen counter adds to the atmosphere without looking cluttered
    • Turn all your lights on and keep the home as bright and open as possible. Dark features create a small space, lighter features make a space look bigger. Use this to your advantage.
    • Head out for a coffee or a walk so the buyers can see the whole property clearly.
    • Relax and trust your agent to show off your beautiful home.